Saweetie Launches Financial Literacy Course: “Savings Account Is Not Enough”

Saweetie Launches Financial Literacy Course: “Savings Account Is Not Enough”

Saweetie wants to help youth receive a solid financial education, which is why the Grammy-nominated hip hop artist is launching a spanking new financial literacy course for tykes between the ages of 7 and 17. “I want to continue using my foundation and resources to financially empower young children and students, especially in Black and Brown communities,” said the rapper.

In a Glamour interview back in May, Saweetie expressed: “Just putting money in the savings account is not enough – especially not enough to create generational wealth for you, your family or your kids. It’s important that we educate these young kids so that it’s something that’s instilled into their minds, so it’s not something that they’re trying to figure out as an adult.”

As a result, the “Risky” spitter is unveiling a new 6-week financial literacy course in conjunction with her Icy Baby Foundation. “The long-term goal for the Icy Baby Foundation is to increase financial literacy amongst kids and propel them to brighter futures,” Saweetie said. Youngsters between ages 7-17 are eligible for the program where they’ll take home a loaded debit card, informative tools, and receive education about budgeting, saving and financial planning.

Roxane Harper, Saweetie‘s grandmother who co-launched the Icy Baby Foundation, said: “Financial illiteracy is a systemic problem impacting the Black and Brown communities, especially in the lower economic demographic. We had 400 students at the Sacramento event, and almost 100 signed up for the six-week financial literacy course.” Harper added: “Our goal is to reach as many young people as we can and educate them about financial literacy before they reach adulthood.”

Saweetie launched the fiscal campaign last month near Sacramento in Elk Grove and emceed an event in Oakland on Saturday (Dec. 17). The financial literacy program officially kicks off in January 2023.